The Travel Project by Nadine Sykora


Divya Kalwara, a home cook turned professional chef for her now co-owned BnB business with her husband. She taught me how to prepare a wonderful dhal and vegetable curry and we got to eat her flavourful Rajasthani dishes. I kid you not, this was one of the best meals of my whole time in India! All while I learned about her life story.

Divya’s story was one of a typical Indian woman. She was a stay at home cook, but she excelled at it! While women in India traditionally do all the cooking, there aren’t very many professional female chefs. It’s a highly male dominated industry because as soon as you are elevated to cooking professionally, many men don’t think women can handle the stress and responsibilities involved. 

Divya is one woman trying to break those misconceptions. She regularly cooks for groups of guests, at food festivals, and even has a cook book coming out later this year! Just seeing Divya do all these things will hopefully inspire other at-home female cooks to make their own leap into the professional world of cooking. Because if all the women can cook like Divya, boy are we on the verge of an India foodie revolution!


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